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At NGDA we develop and deliver specialist community projects that help families, communities or service providers tackle social issues such as -

  • Hate Crime

  • Honor Abuse which includes, Forced Marriage, Domestic violence, Female Genital Mutilation

  • Gang related crime

  • Extremism and Radicalisation

  • Unemployment and poverty

  • Discrimination and dual discrimination 

  • Community cohesion and integration

We represent the BAMER (Black Asian Minority Ethnic Refugee) sector on many strategic and community panels across the county and we have a database of vulnerable clients who were unable to access service provision until our intervention.

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When you believe, you achieve!

                                             for NGDA breaking down barriers to 

                                       participation, integration, access & cohesion  

                                                               is as EZ as 123


Community Development packages include

  • Specialist BAMER project management

  • Mediation

  • Hosting cultural events

  • Providing cultural activities for mainstream events

  • Consultation with vulnerable BAMER groups in Essex

  • Strategic consultation for policy development

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I'm a product of my environment,a new generation,where i'll grow accordingly!

so give me an environment and opportunities where you judge,me as me but not on the basis of my social class, race, age, disability, gender, religion or sexuality!


Essex Police Crime commissioner Mr and Mrs Alston break down barriers to engagement with young people and learn the Azonto.

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Our Partnerships

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Prevention workshops include 

  • Recognizing and understanding hate crime 

  • Recognizing and understanding honor abuse crimes such as forced marriages and FGM

  • Recognizing and understanding gang affiliation 

  • Recognizing and understanding extremism and radicalization

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Dale Farm eco day below was an excellent barrier breaker



Hate Crime awareness in schools is still a BIG ISSUE!

NGDA young people attended the PCC youth conference as delegates and were able to articulate concerns about the lack of education and support for victims, in tackling hate crime in schools.  

NGDA are fully aware of the knock on affect, that a lack of intervention can have on any victims confidence or self esteem when they are subjected to this type of abuse.  

NGDA have also found that some victims become perpetrators after trying to access provisions of support without success.  This lack of support may be from schools, parents, friends, guardians, officials almost anyone who didn't intervene for the victim at the initial stages.  

The impact of this, has been either victims resolving their own problems which can result in committing offences or these types of victims may look for support within groups that will accept them which could be local gangs/radical groups affiliated to criminal behavior.  


   NGDA attend the PCC conference 2014 as delegates and get involved as 

a facilitator for the Hate crime workshop.  

This was a tremendous honor and

We Thank Essex PCC

for this fantastic opportunity.


Below is an extract from the PCC article 


Would you like to join the Stop and search panel for Essex police?

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Feedback from current members

"Jamie Mills, from Essex police has made this panel interesting and informative, he has made us all feel comfortable and by giving us constant feedback we can see our voices are slowly making a difference"

Some of our Stop and search panel members for 2015


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